Sustainability Spotlight was born of the belief that updating conventional design and business practices can result in sustainable and emancipatory solutions for both humans and the environment.  Founded by artist, eco-designer, and yogi Leia Vita, Sustainability Spotlight is a multifaceted design hub for all forms of expression, whether designing more sustainable cities and communities, better business models under the "triple bottom line," or enticing graphic/marketing visuals and social media platforms that uplift and inspire. Sustainability Spotlight's mission is to further sustainability and community through creativity.

"it is through our spiritual interaction with the earth that the characteristics which we think of as truly human are ignited and nurtured within us”- Tsunesaburō Makiguchi

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Leia's Bio

In each of her diverse endeavors, Leia Vita Marasovich brings passion, ability, and unique qualifications to the fold. Her profound connection with nature and indigenous cultures has coalesced into an impressive portfolio of sustainability-related projects and initiatives, with which she marries a nuanced spiritual outlook and a passion for the arts. Hailing from a Croatian and Slovenian family of artists of many disciplines, Leia is following in the footsteps of her mother, a graphic designer and meditation teacher, and her father, a renowned music composer and organist, by taking a more creative and artistic approach to community building events, programs, and retreats.  

Leia grew up in Calabasas, California. In 2010 she attended Soka University of America in Aliso Viejo, California because of its commitment to “foster a steady stream of global citizens committed to living a contributive life”. In 2014, Leia graduated Magna Cum Laude from Soka University with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts. Her multidisciplinary background of humanistic education is focused in environmental studies, specifically; green urbanism, applied-human ecology, sustainable development, and organic agriculture. At Soka University of America, Leia was the pragmatic leader of the Sustainability Committee; she led numerous sustainability initiatives and campaigns that eventually led to her position as creator of the “Sustainable Soka” initiative and website. Among her ecological influences on campus, Leia served as the assistant layout designer for the Pearl Student News Magazine and was a nationally-ranked swimmer, still currently holding the school record in the mile (1650 yards). 

Leia furthered her education in the summer of 2015 in Business Administration at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California. With her keen eye for visual aesthetics and progressive trends, Leia worked with small local businesses to enhance their social media presence, more than doubling their amount of followers and likes through captivating photos. She currently is the right-hand for plant-based chef, musician, and healer Julie Piatt (aka SriMati), mainly photographing SriMati's newest cookbooks: "This Cheese Is Nuts" and "The PlantPower Italia". 

Leia has a unique and highly varied combination of both domestic and international field experience. Through extensive research, traveling, and apprenticeship, Leia studied at numerous places from the resilient Federation of Damanhur in Italy, to indigenous communities in Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. In addition to her interest in alternative and rural communities, Leia holds extensive knowledge in urban and suburban settings, having received research grants to attend urban sustainability-related conferences and seminars in California, Oregon, and Florida. She has been working part time with 3 Squares Inc., an environmental consulting firm, and Green Business Networking, a non-profit organization providing the owners and decision-makers of socially and environmentally conscious businesses a time and place for connecting, sharing, deal-making and networking.

Now a certified yoga instructor, Leia incorporates yogic principles into her work ethic and community events. On a personal level, she has experienced the profound benefits of yoga and meditation, and hopes to help enhance peoples’ quality of life through breath and movement. Leia is bringing visual media and healing music into her classes to create uniquely immersive experiences that pertain to charitable and environmental causes.