Leia is currently partnered with Soka Vision, an organization that produces media, events, expositions, and cultural exchanges with a social mission of creating value for both the participants and the community at large. For an example of Leia's latest project with Soka Vision in the Ecuadorian Amazon see the video below. 

The community of Moretecocha is located in the region of Pastaza Province in the Amazon region of Ecuador. Like many other communities Moretecocha is under threat by interest of oil companies seeking to exploit crude in the communities land. This is the story of community's search for environmental and cultural preservation. 

My World is a youth arts and literacy program. Our aim is to connect children from diverse backgrounds through art and writing. The children will reflect on "my world" and draw or write what it means to them; the most important aspects of their life and the community they come from. We will then exchange the drawings and stories from these underprivileged communities to children in the Los Angeles area who also come from disadvantaged neighborhoods. This can be a life-changing experience for children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to share with one another. The wisdom of children can remind us what is truly important in our world. My World is currently working on its pilot project that is connecting children from the Amazon in Ecuador to children on the Hoopa Reservation in Northern California to children in the desert of Morocco.