Leia’s experiences in the sustainability field are immense and varied. Leia graduated from Soka University of America with a B.A. in Liberal Arts, with a concentration in Environmental Studies. Her focus was on green urbanism, applied-human ecology, sustainable development, and organic agriculture. As the student Sustainability Committee Chair, she succeeded in proposing and implementing various projects that enhanced the campus’ overall sustainability measures and social cohesion. Leia continued her research and education outside of the formal classroom setting during her summers; she received research grants from the Pacific Basin Research Center to further investigate topics of sustainable development and social sustainability in both North and South America. In the summer of 2012, Leia completing her Permaculture Design for International Development Certification at Quail Springs, California, and in 2014, her Ecovillage Design Education for Sustainability Certification in Damanhur, Italy. Furthermore, Leia has interned and volunteered with various non-profits, municipalities, and educational institutes dedicated to increasing local, domestic, and global sustainability. 



  • Ecovillage Design Educator For Sustainability // Damanhur, Italy // 2014
  • Permaculture Design for International Development // Quail Springs, CA // 2012



Green Business Networking // Los Angeles, CA // August 2016- Present

  • Identify and source sponsorship
  • Organize and plan sustainability events

Three Squares Inc. // Los Angeles, CA // June 2016- Present

  • Production Assistant for ESPN Espy's Sustainability Team
  • Production Assistant for Honda USA Green Conference
  • Production Assistant for Near Future Summit
  • Photographer Women in Green Forum

Global Green // Santa Monica, CA // Jan-June 2015

  • Green Urbanism Intern
  • Zero Waste Team Leader for Green Millenium Awards

  Soka University // Aliso Viejo, CA // 2010-2014

  • Sustainable Soka Founder
  • Student Sustainability Committee Head Chair
  • Soka Instructional Garden Coordinator
  • California Native Plant Garden Installation Co-Leader
  • Fair Trade Coffee and Tea Initiative Co-Leader 
  • Staircase Painting Mural Project Manager 
  • EcoWing Housing Co-Founder
  • Soka Pallet Sessions Co-Founder

  City of Aliso Viejo // Aliso Viejo, CA // 2013-2014

  • Planning Intern for Green City Initiative
  • Created “Retrofitting Aliso Viejo Town Center through Ecological Design” Report

  Earthroots Field School // Laguna Niguel, CA // Fall 2013

  •     Education Intern for Principles of Permaculture



  •     Techo Para Mi Pais- Transitional Housing Construction and Social Inclusion Implementation to fight extreme poverty in Latin America
  •     Talita Cumi- Home for at-risk women and girls 
  •     Nina Shinku- Youth collective to maintain ancestral wisdom and knowledge through urban arts 

Costa Rica

  •     El Puente/ The Bridge- Home and center of self-sufficiency for the Bri Bri Tribe
  •     Punta Mona Permaculture
  •     El Hogar Orphanage

Orange County, CA

  •     Savannah’s Organic Ranch
  •     LabelGMOs.org     


Sustainability Related Reports/Essays/Compendiums

  • Ecovillage Design Education Training for Sustainability, Damanhur, Italy (preview under "Art" section)
  • Beginner’s Manual to Permaculture for International Development, Quail Springs, CA (preview under "Art" section)
  • Retrofitting Aliso Viejo Town Center Through Ecological Design, Aliso Viejo, CA (preview under "Art" section)
  • Design for Social Change; Reshaping Suburbia into Healthy Communities, Portland, OR (preview under "Art" section)
  • Saving Montana las Granadillas, an Oasis in the Driest Region of Central America; an examination of the Impacts of Mining and Deforestation on local communities and the environment, Guatemala
  • Social Sustainability in Curitiba, Brazil 
  • Laws and Regulations on Organic Agriculture

Research Grants/Awards

Pacific Basin Research Center; 

  •     Making Cities Livable Conference, Portland, OR
  •     Social Sustainability in Costa Rica
  •     Permaculture for International Development Course, Quail Springs, CA

Edison International Environmental Grant;

  •     Green Infrastructure Conference: Green Infrastructure & Water Management in Growing Metropolitan Areas Conference, Tampa, FL

Luis and Linda Nieves Family Foundation Grant;

  •     The Impacts of Mining and Deforestation on the environment, locals, and indigenous communities in Guatemala

Soka Student Union Grant;

  •     Staircase Mural Painting


Speaking Engagements

“Student-Initiated Ecological Design Projects- Soka Instructional Garden” // The Art of Community-Built Work Conference //  Davis, California // 2014